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Eduard V. Kurganov

Photographic Works & Inspirations

Inspiration#000168 – Zaria Forman

Hyperreal, stunning, fascinating paintings. Stop and get mesmerized for a little bit.

Inspiration#00167 – Rethink Homelessness

Great social project that will broaden your mind’s horizons, expand your awareness, and inspire positive changes in general public,


How can you impact homelessness? It starts with rethinking…

Since the recession began, the face of homelessness has been changing. From school children to the elderly, from the barely employed to the victims of abuse— homelessness can affect anyone…

…unless we all come together to make a difference. 

Impact Homelessness is an initiative of the Central Florida Regional Commission on Homelessness, dedicated to finding solutions to the problem of homelessness in our Central Florida communities.”

Watch this powerful video about  homeless people in Orlando, Florida. No matter where you are it relates to any place and all people.”

Inspiration#00166 – OakOak

Amazing and very witty street art. 

"OakOak is a french artist who likes to play with urban elements."

Inspiration#00165 – Nicolas Bouvir (Sparth)

Inspiration#00164 – Анна Мариненко (Anna Marinenko)

Nature Sound Form Waves

We were just walking in downtown and stumbled upon this immense beauty by the waterfront.

We were just walking in downtown and stumbled upon this immense beauty by the waterfront.

Inspiration#00163 – Pawel Kuczynski

Witty, wise, thought-provoking illustrations.

Great Food for thought.

Inspiration#00162 – Александра Хитрова (Alexandra Khitrova)

 К-Р-А-С-О-Т-А ∞

Inspiration#00161 – Øystein Sture Aspelund

Great and diverse photographic projects to amaze and awe-struck you

Inspiration#00160 – Miki Asai


Inspiration#00159 – Andrew Android Jones

∞ Visionary shamanic masterpieces from highly gifted human entity.∞

Inspiration#00158 – Gregg Kerber

Astounding landscapes of pacific Northwest, Oregon.

Inspiration#00157 – Marc Ward

Stunning photographic imagery.

Inspiration#00156 – Вячеслав Мищенко (Vyacheslav Mishchenko)

Outstanding breath-taking macro photographs. 

Великолепнейшие безподобнаые макрофотографии.



A mix I made for my soulmate ♥∞♥

A mix I made for my soulmate ♥∞♥